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Question about BF3 pbucon log text and Round Changes


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Hi PBBans !


not sure if this is the correct place to ask this question, so appologies if i've asked it in the wrong forum.


I'm manually parsing the content of a pbucon.log file for various server types. Right now, we're parsing BF3 log files.


I'm trying to figure out / confirm why the (woeful) pbucon.log format fails to record any disconnects between a round finishing and a new round starting.


Here's an example of some log data from last night... Please note the times....


[04.15.2013 09:18:37] ->PBSV: 45 df06f2059ca319617befb415b7276d13(-) OK 1 2.5 0 (W) "Judge14"

[04.15.2013 09:18:37] ->PBSV: 46 e1732218c69d1d1b8a73a443872f7564(-) OK 1 2.6 0 (W) "-LT_SMASH-CFF-"

[04.15.2013 09:18:37] ->PBSV: 47 113a81a60e4970a6f2fcac02cb34a60f(-) OK 1 2.7 0 (W) "toto8888"

[04.15.2013 09:18:37] ->PBSV: 48 7faf1ba123b27b321683d47e95c0a17e(-) OK 1 2.2 0 (W) "Teflim"

[04.15.2013 09:18:37] ->PBSV: 49 c018b8ff75876761d45a05951d72516d(-) UPDT 1 0.0 0 ( ) "MasterMeddler"

[04.15.2013 09:18:37] ->PBSV: End of Player List (46 Players)

[04.15.2013 09:21:05] ->PBSV: Player List: [slot #] [GUID] [Address] [status] [Power] [Auth Rate] [Recent SS] [O/S] [Name]

[04.15.2013 09:21:05] ->PBSV: End of Player List (0 Players)

[04.15.2013 09:21:44] ->PBSV: New Connection (slot #1 ) [?] "Special-Cuddles" (seq 154435)

[04.15.2013 09:21:44] ->PBSV: Player GUID Computed 5165f33535155682b18be483267ce09c(-) (slot #1 ) Special-Cuddles

[04.15.2013 09:21:45] ->PBSV: New Connection (slot #2 ) [?] "Daisy-158-AMing" (seq 13966759)

[04.15.2013 09:21:45] ->PBSV: Player GUID Computed 78a5c252ac7f9c6a641c8fff493b3d47(-) (slot #2 ) Daisy-158-AMing

[04.15.2013 09:21:56] ->PBSV: Player List: [slot #] [GUID] [Address] [status] [Power] [Auth Rate] [Recent SS] [O/S] [Name]

[04.15.2013 09:21:57] ->PBSV: 1 5165f33535155682b18be483267ce09c(-) OK 1 0.0 0 (W) "Special-Cuddles"

[04.15.2013 09:21:57] ->PBSV: 2 78a5c252ac7f9c6a641c8fff493b3d47(-) OK 1 10.0 0 (W) "Daisy-158-AMing"

[04.15.2013 09:21:57] ->PBSV: End of Player List (2 Players)

Unfortunately, this log file has been spammed with the 'current list of players' every few seconds (this is a plugin i think?) .. and it starts out with listing 46 players connected .. and then suddenly 0 players connected. There's no text that suggest a server has restarted. So i'm *guessing* this is the end of a round / a new round has started.

But .. some of the players from the previous round (if this is a new round, starting) haven't reconnected back. Basically, everytime a player connects, we get the

-> New Connection

-> PBGuid confirmed.

-> Disconnection (at some point, later).

But in the above .. some players connect, get the pbguid calculated ... but no disconnection!

Some investigation leads me to believe that the last piece of information for these 'ghost' players is that they were last seen in that player list .. and then the player list is suddenly ZERO PLAYERS .. and they've never popped back up in the log file.

Can anyone confirm what i'm thinking here?

Is there anything that can be done? Please do not suggest i start using the PLAYER LIST data as the way I determine if a player is connected or not -> i'm going to get into a debate about that, please.

Can anyone help? Or is there someone/someplace else I can direct this enquiry to?

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It should show them disconnect unless the server crashes suddenly. I just checked a few bf3 server logs and they do show people disconnecting with a "Lost Connection" prefix.

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