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Red Orchestra 2: Rising Storm


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Pre-order your Rising Storm game now on Steam:




Pre-Purchase Offer:

Pre-Purchase and receive access to the beta! Plus, save 15%, or 25% if you own Red Orchestra 2!





Rising Storm is going to be available for pre-purchase very soon, via the Steam store page, with the Base version of the game at these prices: 19.99 USD/ 17.99 EUR/ 14.99 GBP/ 399 RUB.


You can also buy the Rising Storm Steam Digital Deluxe Edition, which adds the following extras:

  • Day 1 Unlock of the US M12 Trench Shotgun, Japanese Type 99 LMG, Japanese Type 99 Sniper Rifle with 4X scope (level 2) and the US M1 Garand with bayonet (Level 2).
  • 2 Rising Storm soldier playable characters for Killing Floor - Ricky Vegas and Hayako Tanaka.
  • The Rising Storm and Red Orchestra 2 soundtracks.
  • AND all the upgrades for the RO2 Digital Deluxe Edition (4 day 1 unlock weapons, 2 playable RO2 characters in KF, and 2 RO2 hats in TF2)

The Steam DDE is priced at 29.99 USD/ 24.99 EUR/ 19.99 GBP/ 499 RUB.


Discounts and specials:

  • Pre-purchasing Rising Storm (Base or DDE) will grant immediate access to the Rising Storm Beta (note that experience earned in the Beta will NOT carry over to the released version).
  • There will be a 15% discount off the pricing during the pre-purchase period
  • All existing RO2 owners get an additional 25% discount off Rising Storm (Base or DDE; does NOT apply to a later upgrade from Base RS to DDE)

And last, but by no means least, all those early purchasers of RO2 who earned the "In B4 Reset" Achievement will get all the Day 1 unlocks for Rising Storm (4 weapons) PLUS a 2X multiplier on experience points earned during the first 2 weeks after release.




Very soon we will be launching the Pre Order beta for Rising Storm. This means that anyone that pre-orders the game can play in the beta instantly (well instantly after they download the beta client). In preparation for this we have just released the server files for the beta. You can grab them off of SteamCMD and the AppID for the beta is 238690. Read on for more detailed information about Rising Storm and hosting servers if you are interested in hosting a Rising Storm server.

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expect as with ro2 that will deteriorate once game is released with patches . stinks as I see pb & dedicated server files but grafics & game play [feel] are as dated as the unreal engine is . But well worth the $11.00

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This is an awesome game! Much improved from vanilla RO2. Battles are very intense. Maps are beautiful. Historic accuracy is excellent. Weapons are on the nuts with sound and recoil. Hell, the 1911 pops up just like my real life Colt Commander. I will now officially tell EA to piss off.

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Well, I'll probably see you on one of the servers then. I hope this game does well. Or at least develops a cult following with loyal fans. Would be nice to have a game that lasts for awhile. With almost 1500 hours on Skyrim, it will be nice to get into a proper fps again.

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"Sigh" Such an excellent game, yet 99% of my clan are still saying "CAN'T WAIT FOR BATTLEFIELD FREAKING 4!" Such swill. I think I need a new clan. Or just go lone wolf from here on out.

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