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Question regard to mail and bf3


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Hello. we are a few around the 45/50 + in my clan and we discuss

relating to all the cheaters who have been caught.

( Question) need them to get a new e-mail in order to play, and what happens if

those pre-paid BF 4.

(Question 2) if they have one lr ten games. can they be allowed to play on secure servers if they get stuck on bf3 with cheating let's say they have cheated on BC2 and then going to play bf3. Now when the many are caught will only increase, and we suspect some who cheat even if we have to report them. so we talk in ts and after that I'll check your page everyday so figured I throw in a question . we hope so that they can not use their email and they play on secure servers. so you do not have them. Thanks from Clan Calvados

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oki doki, yeah I hope they have to pay dearly .I personally think they should not be able to play some of their games.and new games that are attached to an email account. should not be able to play

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