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Tridef 3D


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Hello everyone,


I have just started using this software to play my games in 3d but the annoying thing is the crosshair ingames is very hard to use so the makers of it put a feature in which is a red dot to help, is this ok to use?


One of the mods/admin said they spoke to evenbalance before and PB said they wouldnt ban the software because of the feature but i think a normal admin on a server would take a PB SS and instantly think its a hack.

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if its a red dot then i would even ban for it as it could be considered a visual cheat. it is hard for us to know if its an enhancement program or a hack.


also just to assume its injecting into the game which could be picked up by pb as a violation resaulting in a ban.


might i sujest you not use it

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PB have already said the software is ok to use, they wont ban it.


But i can see why a normal admin would ban it because it would look dodgy, its just very hard playing with the normal crosshair.

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