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Getting kicked


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Hello, a couple of days ago i reinstalled windows because i was getting some strange errors, so in reinstalled Windows. done all the updates etc. And i wanted to play some Battlefield 2, but with every server i join i am getting kicked involving a HARDWARE BAN i was like :huh: (BF2 worked before i reinstalled windows) , i asked on serveral foums what this was and they said it had to do with corrupted Punkbuster files A.k.A. cheats or hacks. but i never used hacks or something like that. I used a trouble ticket and they asked to add a note with the exact text i get when i get kicked. that is: Has been permanently banned from this Game Server via Punkbuster ... GLOBAL Punkbuster HARDWARE BAN c035a068


but they just dont reply back, i really dont like this because as the topic description sas: I've done nothing wrong.


I have checked the PBBans list for Battlefield 2 but as far as i could see is wasnt on the list.


I really hope someone could help me out! :( i want to play BF2 again. PLEASE!

Thanks in advance,


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I did fill in a trouble ticket, but they dont reply, it has bin 3 days now


and im sure i was banned by mistake. is there no way they can fix this? :(

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someone called "Hendrik Thole" replyed with a note in my Trouble Ticket 3 days ago if i would reply back to him, the exact word i get for being kicked by PunkBuster in Battlefield 2. I did... but no reply back. :(


That was 3 days ago...

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