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Nice that you guys think it is drama, and not that you want anyone to know that people with their own servers can and do abuse their power and call people cheaters who play very well. Way to support the ones with the power. I am making my own server, and will have a great time playing there, and not have to worry about people with good skills being called cheaters. You have a ping that differentiates you from other players, high pingers sometimes seem like they have armor or something, and low pingers seem to only hit you one time and you die. But it is pings and of course the machine you use to run the game you play. I have a large screen monitor and also use the brightness feature to lighten up the area and can see further then most who do not adjust their video setting, which is legal. Anyway, ban me from this, do what you will, I do not care anymore. Everyone in charge of forums and servers seem to think what they want is all that matters, not what everyone else responds to and has a reason to "bring the drama". IAF leadership lies, and uses their power to get rid of people they do not like, who play better then themselves. So wait for my new server, and join me in COD2 when we can have real fun and not worry about "drama" from admins with too much power in a little world of the internet. "bring the drama here"? Really? People need to know the ass-clowns that run the servers, forums, are on the side of the falsely accused, not name callers and idiots.

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Ummm, we do not tell server admins how to run their servers. They run them however they want. Remember they pay for their servers, not you. So, they can make whatever rules they want to for their own server.


If you get called a cheat, when you know you are not cheating, then move to a new server. That is all we can say.

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You sound mad, dunno why your mad at PBBans? PBBans is based upon streaming data.




IAF leadership lies


Dunno why your bringing your drama here.

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