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[External Ban List] (Help)


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Hello...I get this message over some servers nowdays and i dont know why...I never used or tryed to use anything like cheats or hacks btw.




bestest. PunkBuster kicked player 'bestest.' (for 1200 minutes)

...PBBansHub: Enforced External Ban List [Admin Decision]


Could you please clean my guid(71d5e01e) from that ban that I get for no reason? crying.png


Best regards...

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Hey :D


Ok...Since i couldn't contact any of them...Could you please do something about that ban(wich i can't find) because i never used ANYTHING plus i already lost to many points in CyberGamer due to that nonsense ban...



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So what now? I tryed to contact those guys in the other site...i couldnt post or anything, I tryed to add them on steam/xfire and still nothing...


They are obv inactive...how else can I fix this ban? I won't let my money go like that cos of that foolish ban...ill do w/e it takes :)

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Thx for the info...

Thats not me...could it be because I was playing on cracked with a cracked key before I actually bought the original game?

I remember I was using a key from youtube and then some of my friends bought the game to play with the ''pros'' and i bought it too...

I dont remember using that name at all...maybe someone else was used the same key before me.




p.s i have a msg in RA from HSMagnet but it wont let me open anything...

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