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New Account + New server


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im was wondering why my server is still not recognized by PBbans.com.



I have in the last 8 years acitve as server admin (besides last 2 years). Started in CoD:UO.... I'm 99.9% sure that i done the right staps to stream my cod4 server to here.


Or does my account still have to be approved by an admin? Did i do something wrong?


Please anybody help me.



Best Regards,

Fry aka NoobVerdammter

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why do you keep making new forum accounts? Fry. Fry2032 and now this one....


one forum and team account per person


the team you were associated with is locked


the old Master User is now on a different team


it is not active and he would need to make an activation request


---------- Account Information ----------

Team: TEAM4NOT (4not)

Website: http://4nothing.org

Account ID: 12754

Streaming Status: Not Streaming (0 / 0)


---------- Server List ----------


---------- User List ----------

Strykersaurus (179910)


---------- Helpful Links ----------

Account Management

CVAR / MD5 Scans (Setup and Use)

PBBans Hub Flags

Master Player Index

Automated Streaming Setup

Not Streaming Fix





you may also apply for a new team of your own


Joining PBBans as a Streaming Game Admin can be achieved in 3 easy steps:

  1. Create a forums account. (If you have one goto step 2)
  2. Setup your servers to stream using the PBBans Hub Guide.
  3. Signup for a Team Account.
  4. Check for updates on your application by visiting here.


if you wish to apply for a new streaming team, please do here

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