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AA hack for sale on-line


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I have run across an AA hack for sale on-line that says it is not detected by PB.


Here is some of the info from the site:

(the name of the site and the name of the hack is blanked out for obvious reasons)


"This hack is undetected by Punk Buster and can be used in any server.


With this hack you have more options that you could ever think of. Here are a few things that you can do with this hack.


1. Aimbot with autoaim, autofire, adj firerate, and tons of options


2. Want to make a new name but don't want to spend the time training? No problem with ________! Train a new account in a few seconds!


3. Don't want to spend the time to get your honor high? No problem yet again! Raise and lower you honor any time you want with ________!


4. You have Wallhacks, ESP's, and tons of other hacks!"


I have already e-mailed evenbalance with this info, but you know how that goes. I am hopeing that by posting here, maybe someone can help make sure that PB is informed of this new hack, thus being able to make an update that can detect it. My Clan and I are strictly against hacking/cheating of any kind, and want to make sure that this supposed "undetectable hack" becomes detectable as soon as possible.


If an admin from here will PM or e-mail me, I will send the site link to him/her privately.



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PM sent with the info.


I see also many sites like that , people sell hacks for smal price , we also hate hackers and cheaters. we play on very weak pc and never think about the hack , brave people play like brave man , hackers play like girls , why don't they get a life
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