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How can i see the screenshot for my server


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hi, all i hope ur good and can helpme


how i can see the screenshots for my server in Battlefieldplay4free , i mean how can i know when someone is using some hack or something like that!!


someone tellme the that is with a link or something like that i don't now



PD: i'm latino so if someome can explainme what can i do in spanish would be great!


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If you have a BFP4F server, then you should log in to your admin panel and look for the "pb" folder. Inside the "pb" folder, you should see the "svss" folder. The "svss" folder holds your PB screen shots.


Google Translate:

Si usted tiene un servidor BFP4F, entonces usted debe acceder a su panel de administración y buscar la carpeta "pb". Dentro de la carpeta "pb", debería ver la carpeta "SVSS". La carpeta "SVSS" mantiene sus capturas de pantalla PB.

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If you have branzone(i see you have) you can see pbss through web browser


Example for my serwer :


(i delete pbss everyday so it might be  404 not found)


You have to change  it to http://gameserverip/gameserverip_serverport/pbsvss.htm


You can also install mod in "Game mods" in control panel, that adds "


Msgpbssv Screenshot Viewer"


 then tou can browse pbbs by http://gameserverip/gameserverip_serverport/msgpbssv.html

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