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Kaspersky Wins Independent Antivirus Test


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Your antivirus program needs to protect you against all threats without getting in the way of your day-to-day activities or slowing down performance. Sometimes it seems like there's a tradeoff; if you want the best protection maybe you have to accept a little performance drag. But according to the latest report from AV-Test, Kapersky has managed to excel in all areas. It earned the maximum possible score overall; first time I've seen that.


Only a handful of the two dozen products tested earned the same score as in the previous test, but most changed by just a point or half-point. Avira made the most progress, leaping from 12.0 points last time to 16.0 points this time. It earned better scores in all three categories. ZoneAlarm's score went up two full points, from 11.0 to 13.0.


More programs rose than fell, but one fell impressively. Norton was riding high last time around with an impressive 17.0 points. This time it earned just 14.5, which is not a bad score, but quite a drop. Performance was the main issue. Last time Norton had 5.5 for performance, this time it dropped to 3.5. I'm not sure how to explain that.

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aren't you happy you went with Norton because of the sale price lol. Too bad Kaspersky awesome score was on XP but perfect is rare props to them.


I'm happy with Norton. It is not a resource hog as it used to be back in 2002-2005.

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