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Russian hacker yay


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Hi all, i know there is a few of these out there but they always go off track and i cant actually find a legit answer..


very simply... i managed to somehow get my origin account in the intraweb while i wasnt playing BF3, russia picked it up, russian hacked, i lose. EB wont fix this as they are probably over hearing about it (Odd that everything on my computer is safe other then origin which begs a question in itself)


However on topic.. I know im screwed, cant do anything about it, however if i create a new origin account, buy a new game with a new cd key, will that release me from this crap? or is it going to carry over from IP?


I simply just dont want to waste any money, but dont want to miss out on BF4 because of some foolish russian.


thanks for any help.


http://www.pbbans.com/mbi-viewban-c908543f-vb301806.html <-- link to ban showing Russia...god bless the motherland...sigh.

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AFAIK, bans are NOT ip related , but game GUId, so if you open a new Origin account, buy the game again with a new key, dont allow you account to be hacked nor share passwords with ANYONE, dont use hacks then you shouldbe fine.

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Hey guys, thanks for the indication on the IP side of things, i have purchased a new copy on a new origin account.


Odd thing is, i have no issues wiht security, and dont share my passwords with anyone, infact the only thing that has issues is origin and it seems there is quite a large population with the same issue of russian/chinese/ukraine hackers.. my steam, wow, ffxiv are all untouched.. Never the less i added the security email thingymajig to my origin this time.


thanks again for the clarification.

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