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What is the best way to report a hacker with video?


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I recently ran into a hacker. I friended him in Battlelog and communicated with him after I was able to record some video with him using an aimbot. He actually said he made the hack himself. I recorded the clip with FRAPS and upped it to youtube. The video link was attached with the report on his profile page using the link there.  I also have a screenshot with the chat session with him admitting he made the hack. The video is more then enough evidence. What happens now? Is that enough to get him banned? Is there anything else I should do?

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You could get his address, then go over to his house and break his pc into a million pieces. Then say How you like me now you cheating b*&^). Then place a "PBBANS was here" sticker on his desk. Bet that will make him think twice before cheating again! 

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soc_jo lmao, that would be great but will get you into alot of trouble really quick.


lets see


Breaking and entering

Destruction of private property.

defacing private property

possible assault.


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