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just because the support is stopped which means there will be no more new versions and updates of pb doesnt mean that its not working anymore...


i wouldnt deactivate pb just for this reason...

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Gagi2 the big question is what you call "working". If you name a program which looks like it works but just do nothing as "working" then you are right as it still does this. But I call a program only working when it also does what it is supposed to do. And this is no longer the case as PB does not detect today what it used to detect in the past.

It got simply designed to be crippled when EvenBalance stops thier support (turning off thier "backend").



* i call (your) cracked servers not (never) working see: http://www.pbbans.com/forums/cod4-cracked-servers-and-their-pb-issues-t179579.html

* if you did not mention yet: we never gave any support to cracked servers, their operators are not welcome here.  As you are at least slow - well, dead - on the uptake:  Finally flagged as spammer *

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see * ^^ *
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