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|HFH| clan very active in COD4


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Use to have COD servers and was an active streaming admin for years. Got away from the game for awhile, just recently started playing again. I have been seeing |HFH| members everywhere. They openly cheat, advertise for cheaters, and provide cheats to all their members. Is there anything that can be done about them? I no longer run my own server, but play regularly on the same ones. Is it known if streaming slows them down at least? If so I will urge the server owners to start streaming.


Thank you.

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as a previously" active streaming admin for years" i would have thought you knew the answer to your own question"is their anything that can be done about them"


Every server that streams to PBBans {or a similar site} increases the chances of hackers being caught, whilst no software is foolproof, the chances of getting caught are increased on streaming servers, so yes it will slow them down, i would have thought that actively "urging the server owners to stream" would be a great thing regardless of whether you seen known hackers frequent those servers or not

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