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1.3 patch and streaming


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Ok, since the 1.3 patch for CoD2 everyone who joins the server gets kicked by PB cos of a MD5 mismatch on this file "iw_15.iwd" and i think PAM might be involved too. But i've had to remove the file PBSV.cfg from the pb folder in order for us to be able to play on the server without being kicked :S Any ideas on how to fix this.


This is a quote from one of the TWL ladder admins:


The PB cfg as of 5/3/06 is NOT compatible with the 1.3 patch and has since been fixed (TY LostMatt). It is available for download in the downloads section. If your server currently streams, there is an error that comes up and to fix that you need to delete the following file:


Stop the server; then in the server's PB folder, delete the file named pbsvuser.cfg; then restart the server. It should be fine.

I d/led the files neded and the file pbsvuser.cfg doesnt seem to be there for me to delete it.

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The patch has caused us no problems at all.


All we did was install the patch, start up the server and do /rcon pb_sv_update twice (leaving a 10 minute gap in the middle)


This got everything up-to-date and has caused up no problems since.


However we are not running PAM, but a less game intensive mod so that could be something to do with it

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Be sure the MD5 check looks like the folowing:


pb_sv_md5tool a "1.3" v mainiw_15.iwd SZ26569995 AT0 LEN2048 695751FAE36189C505213D5C2DC33568


mainly a version number a "1.3" v is needed so that it only checks that file in version 1.3, if it's a "" v then it checks for all gameversions of that file. IW changed that file in the 1.3 patch.

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