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  1. As the rcon and server passwords are normally in the server config file if this was possibleit would be reset the next time the server is started so typically I would say not. Typically you can set this in a control panel or server config file of your server.
  2. Clanrcon which is web-based, register, then register your servers, and you can restrict access that sub admins have, like kick but not ban etc http://www.sosprojects.co.uk/index.php Otherwise I use HLSW as I typically know what commands I want to use, but maybe not suited to sub admins as it uses the rcon pass so no sub levels
  3. Yeah Scot-Elite use this quite extensively to allow groups of admins relevant access and it certainly saves having to download a latest program . Thumbs up.
  4. Yeah I see a lot of bitching on this topic on sites, but have never banned or kicked someone just cause they can click the mouse button quicker than someone else. Just play somewhere else , but just be prepared for it to follow you round as people get killed by you :-)
  5. Some more your way, keep up the good work
  6. Hi what server were you on, is it streaming, if not ask the admin to do so, if it's not then submit the demo to the server admin or play on streaming servers where he will eventually get caught. As for the demo most admins of a quakewatr server have the game so just send them the demo file, it does not need converting as any number of edits could happen
  7. Guess so as mine are showing not streaming also
  8. Depends on if both are logged on at the same time, just use one for pbbans :-)
  9. I tend to do it now and then but have donated $200 , keep up the good work, without these resources the games I play wouldn't be any fun
  10. Not typically, but you don't say what browser and version of it you are using? I use Safari and Firefox and only have to logon once each session, but I tend not have it keeping me logged in as I login from work and from home
  11. Cheers for the additional info
  12. The issue is what mac is he playing on , intel mac's require universal binary version of etpro, Powerpc chipped mac's don't have an issue, unless they have updated I always had an issue playing etpro servers on an intel mac as I would get kicked straight away for mismatch
  13. Ello mate, you can download and patch it to 2.60d or the full install, and it will play on most of the servers around on 2.6, but the only one he won't be able to play is etpro servers, as the etpro mod stopped short of updating to universal mac binaries, but he should be able to play on jaymod, main, and most other mods. All we need now is a mac rcon client, hlsw and xfire :-) as gameranger doesnt cover ET or the upcoming ETQW yet. Wonder if it will do COD4 as it does COD2 Links to downloads half way down the following post on Splash damage http://www.splashdamage.com/forums/showthread
  14. Hi are we due any updates to the lists, do we know if there are any update cause of cheats or hacks that 1.4 might have brought to the market, can't believe that there is so little cheating going on in a Quake engine game ;-)
  15. Don't you kinda get that by clicking on the linked tick box, which then tries to match against ip's
  16. Hi Kas. unforutantely this is between you and PB, PBBAN's can't fix anything for you unless PB tells them it was a false positive before any hub ban can be removed, and that's if the ban is on the hub and not a global ban as PBBAN's is not part of PB/Evenbalance, they are a volunteer service of like minded admins that try to make punkbuster more effective at catching cheats for our benefit.
  17. Good results and not that much of a surprise specially given the volume of team account requests and volume
  18. Only remember the 2 topics about the same screenshot and not sure anyone said it was a hack at all.
  19. Kinda looks like a progress bar either for defusing / planting dyno but without looking I can't confirm if this should show on their server under the jaymod mod.
  20. One question why would a server ban someone for a cookie in a web browser, thats not a hack file or a cvar that they have toggled on, is that even possible to ban for just a cookie?
  21. By restricting the range you can restrict how much benefit they get from it :-) but way old topic
  22. Not sure if this will work on COD 4 or if there is a similar update to a cod 4 compatible but I use it for COD 2 servers and if it would stop a server being ranked. Message generator http://callofduty.filefront.com/file/CoD2_...Generator;49589 INSTALLATION A) Copy the file 'ZZZ_message_generator.iwd' into your Call of Duty 2\main directory on your server. B) 1.Add below lines to your server.cfg 2.Edit lines however you like. 3.Adjust scrolling time. Must be greater than 5 seconds. //RD Msg Center Text Settings seta sv_linerd1 "test1" seta sv_linerd2 "test2"
  23. Now now Bob it is graphically better which I expect but COD 2 still holds it's own as a game for team play etc. COD 4 has it's moments, it's strong maps and weak maps, and I look forward to some good new maps from the map makers in the community.
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