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What EA Means With 'Free 2 Play'


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So I came across this F2P game that had the same name as that old time classic Dungeon Keeper that many of us will remember. Build dungeons, mine gems and gold etc.


It's also pretty much why I have never bought into F2P, as EA takes microtransactions to the next level.

There are actually 24 hours real-time waits to dig out hard rock patches, like, you'll have to lay your phone away for 24 hours. Of course you can buy gems to speed things up, but anyone with 2 braincells is going to be absolutely shocked about how this game takes a giant dump on F2P in grand style.


Without getting too lengthy about it, I was just pissed off to see how EA once again shows true face where it comes about how much they try to stuff their pockets any way they can.


Watch this video and that's all the time one should ever spend on this game.



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