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Interviewing Server Admins


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Hello. I am working on a project for uni, and I need to ask some questions of one or more admins on servers that run PunkBuster.  I was directed to post my request here by someone in the IRC chat.  If anyone is willing to answer the questions, I have listed them here.


1. Approximately how many compromising errors would you say you observe in 1 month?
2. Related to the earlier question, approximately how many false bans would you say you see in 1 month?
3. Finally, approximately how often would you say you see cheaters that are not being detected?
If anyone would rather answer these privately, feel free to send me a message.
Apologies for the relative vagueness of the questions.
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Hey there.


I haven't been a server admin in over a year so I'm not going to answer.

However, could you please define "compromising error"?


Also, it seems to be it will be difficult to get a good answer for question #2. I suppose calculating an average for bans/lifted for a month would give something but not for a single server.


Good luck with the project!

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Thanks!  By compromising error I mean an error that left PunkBuster unable to run correctly.

Never had an error like that unless punkbuster wasn't properly configured by the game server host. Maybe once in a blue moon someone will ddos evenbalance and taken down their master server but not recently.

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