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Activision has a new FPS game coming out called Destiny.












Any gamer enthusiast knows right off the bat that Destiny shares more similarities with Halo than Titanfall ever did. In fact, the only two things Titanfall had in common with Halo was an expansive multiplayer offering and Microsoft console/PC exclusivity. Besides that, Activision-Blizzard's Destiny is a much better comparison to Halo.


Like Halo, Destiny is a first-person shooter based in a science fiction world that spans solar systems. Although expected to be more of an open-world game than Halo ever was, Destiny emphasizes both single-player and multiplayer modes, similar to Halo. On the other hand, Titanfall is primarily geared toward multiplayer modes only.


However, the true link between Destiny and Halo is acclaimed developer Bungie. Without Bungie, Halo as we know it would not exist. The developer is capable of great things as its work on the first Halo trilogy proves and all signs point to similar success with Destiny.


For all of its many similarities with Halo, Destiny is also shaping up to be something quite different. The game is often referred to as a shared open world atmosphere, which means players will be able to witness together events happening in real-time that are not controlled by the developer. The game has even been called "the next evolution of gaming."

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