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Hello everyone,


i tried to apply for the =F|A=clan as an Enemy Territory player, but i got rejected beacause apperently i have a COD ban on my guid back from 2010




and i wanted to ask if its possible to prove this is not me


Speedfact (a leader from FA) asked me following questions to help him investigate further:

1. When the ban occured where you living with anyone, like roommates, siblings, ninjas, that may have had access to your game?

2. Have you every shared any of your information with another person?

3. Did you buy your game used?

4. Do you use a proxy or any other program to mask your ip?



1. siblings and roommate, but none of them plays COD

2. i played sometimes LAN with some friends at my place and that of a friend...and 2 of them have my activation code of the game

3. i bought only the code on ebay (no CD)...everything was written in russian i think

4. nope


can it be that guy "sloomo" from saudi-arabia uses my guid or something like that?


thanks in advance for your help


king regards,


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ugh hey sorry bout this lol, told him to post topic cause there not much I could do for him from just asking around...

the main problem is he cannot appeal the ban himself because the ban has already been appealed. Is there a way to give him a 2nd try at the appeal?

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