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What is it? o0


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I have two questions:


I've founded this two in sv_cheat.log :


[06.29.2006 23:11:34] VIOLATION (PB INTEGRITY) #10006: NICK (slot #10) Technical Violation: Failed PunkBuster Integrity Check [c40...(VALID:124) 80.48.xxx.xxx:27960]
What that means? Is it a hax? :o


[06.16.2006 21:28:40] VIOLATION (GAME INTEGRITY) #20006: NICKZ0r (slot #11) Violation (GAME INTEGRITY) #20006 [e213....(VALID:459) 83.29.xxx.xxx:27960]
What should I do with that?..


(It is ET server)

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nothing to worry about.


pb integrity could be caused by a couple things one would be pb files out of date, also a communication between the pb client and server/host etc.


game integrity would be caused by something like a file mismatch i.e. running 2.6 on a 2.60d (just as a rough example)


though both could be said about some 'hack' trying to circumvent pb and modify or hook to the et client..


but unfortunatly neither of those violations can prove such.. so unless he gets caught with a banable violation nothing can be done cept keep an eye on said person.

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