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  1. kcinc0gnito

    Battlefield 3

    I still havent played RO2 since i bought it... guess i'm a sucker for the BF series :)
  2. kcinc0gnito

    Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad

    I bought this game last month, still havent played it past the "training" ...
  3. kcinc0gnito

    MBi private for Streaming Admins ONLY

    I personally don't see the harm in the MBI being open.. I know of 'other' providers that backlog there Public Banlist for a Month.. as a Player and server admin I like the oppurtunity to download the Banlist and review it as I please (love doing a quick Name search within it) as for Game Admins who aren't streaming and using the banlist... well all they are doing is causing more "administration" work for themselfs... as it's simply easier to sign up and stream via PBHub and would be considered Less stressful on the server i.e. loading a banlist with 2000+ bans can cause some issues.. easier for Live Banning etc. Also on a sidenote... "No freeloaders" Why would you want to FORCE someone into streaming just for a Simple service... By them Downloading the Banlist they themselfs have Helped out the community by keeping rejects off their server. Not as well as them streaming via PBHub but whatever :D
  4. kcinc0gnito

    PBBans Being Strict

    to resolve this... I propose Everyone Needs to Send a Copy of there Drivers License / Government Issued ID so if you cheat we know where to come to Beat you... true story , just saying :).. But as a "retired staff member" here at PBBans and Mywonclan I do have to say the current Policies set on the site are NOT strict at all, 'other' providers ask for the same things as PBBans, and for those other providers that don't ask for certain criteria I would find a bit sketchy. All of these Policies are here to protect the Server Admins / Players and PBBans Reputation, the staff members are trying to do YOU a service so instead of complaining about how strict they are maybe try jumping in there shoes and understanding where their point of view is coming from. also I should state it really isn't that hard to setup a "free" website if thats your main concern.. You're lucky that PBBans isn't so anal that they require my proposed Actual Government Issued ID to stream haha ;)
  5. Getting tired of certain cheaters in BF3... come on EA.. crack down on these fools..

  6. the XML is not the file you need or want you want this file http://www.pbbans.com/mbi-download-bf3-dlb41.html it should download the bf3_pbbans.dat file (which contains all of the peoples GUID's that were caught cheating) i.e. Ban List. if you put that file in your pb folder and issue a pb_sv_banload bf3_pbbans.dat it will load the file (until server is restarted that is). I dont admin a BF3 server so i'm not sure if it's similar to the way BF2 was or what So maybe one of the Staff members here can tell ya exactly how to get everything going :) Maydax last i checked was the Man for the Battlefield Series :)
  7. Yes you can download the Banlist for your game here and Import it into your game, You dont need to be streaming todo so.. however You will have to constantly update the pbbans.dat file its easier to just stream :)
  8. kcinc0gnito

    Word Association

  9. kcinc0gnito

    Streaming application: clan name in use

    it's always about Quality of Service here Absmythe :) Fozzer is the man ;)
  10. kcinc0gnito

    Can we be a site sponsor?

    http://www.pbbans.com/donations.php Donate there and it will show you on the mainpage as a Site Sponsor. Also Donating helps keep the site up and running in tip top shape :)
  11. kcinc0gnito

    Server Donation Drive

    Well said Bob, I am also very happy to see the Community showing commitment to PBBans, without everyone's support we just wouldn't be able to maintain the site in such a manner as we are now. It's clear that PBBans has helped everyone (excluding the cheaters :D) Maintain a level of Professional support for the gaming community, so with that said.. Hooorah For all your support and thanks :)
  12. kcinc0gnito

    Server Donation Drive

    here ya go :) http://www.pbbans.com/donations.php I also Fixed the link in Bob's post as it was pointing to http://../ Thanks for pointing it out extreme ;)
  13. please view http://www.pbbans.com/forums/index.php?sho...mp;#entry155121 and fix your servers :P
  14. after contacting your hoster I've added your team account.
  15. kcinc0gnito

    Firefox 3 Vulnerability Found

    personally i hate FF, however I installed FF3 the other day and rarely use it... However after downloading some themes and addons etc for it I've made it my new Default browser.. I think i did it cuz it has a Facebook Plugin LOL :)

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