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Antivirus Software 2015 Sale


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I agree with Benway. MSE is not good. I submitted many files to Micro$oft for analysis and it says they are still pending, although it has been six months since I sent them.


The only 5 AV software I would trust, is Kaspersky, BitDefender, Norton, AVG and ESET.

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For freeriders, Comodo offers several decent solutions for free, although i would slightly rate down usability; for instance Comodo Internet Security-free offers, along with an overall similar protection level, more annoyances than BullGuard (springtime discounts up to 70%) Internet Security, and paypal dunnwork eg. for 'free' Comodo Backup cloudspace payments.


Just keep the golden rule in mind: "If you are not paying for it, you are not a customer; you're the product being sold." (Google, NSA et.al.)fremium-model.jpg

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I'm not detesting that it's not the best AV out there... But as long as you're not an avid pornaholic or frequent of sites that introduce various baddies to your PC, it works fine.


I've been using MSE for several years now and I've not been infected, but I do have to deal with infections on an almost daily basis (I'm the IT Coordinator for an architecture firm of about 80 employees) and know what to look out for and how to keep from getting infected.


I've got access to other security suites such as Vipre AV, Norton, and McAffe, but I've tried them all and they all just use too many resources for my likings. Back when I had a crap-puter I was clawing for all the resources I could get just to play BF and I found that MSE offered the lowest footprint and least-invasive AV protection.


I wouldn't install it on a known offenders computer, but it's not as bad as that article makes it out to be.


Again, not trying to argue, just giving my two cents regarding MSE as AV... Sorry for jacking the thread... I'll leave now.


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Two different types of internet security and regular antivirus software for 70% off. Get them while they last. AVG and ESET.




70% off using promo code: EMCAVNW96


Promo code expires at 11:59pm PDT on July 31st which is 2:59am EST.

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AVG Ultimate 2015 - Unlimited Devices for 1 year for $24.00 with promo code: EMCAWKP76




You also get FREE Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium 2.0

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