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PB Update problems


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some one got kicked from the server becouse of this:


"SERVER DISCONNECTED-kOcKo has been kicked via PunkBuster ( for 0minutes... ) PB INTI FAILURE"




"visit www.evenbalance.com to manually update your PB files"


in the game he got *warning* messages about running old version and stuff.


He updated the PB and it still doesen't work!!!!!! :(


He also reinstalled the game (Cod2) and it still doesn't work :( :( :( :( :(


what's wrong!!!!!!!!!!!

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he has probally missed something when updating

tell him to download this





For best results, users should create a folder on the hard drive to hold PBSetup and the various files that it will create and use during operation. PBSetup should be downloaded directly into the folder or moved into the folder after downloading to the desktop but before running PBSetup for the first time. The easiest way to create a folder is to "right click" on the desktop and choose New|Folder from the pop-up menu and then type in a folder name such as PBSetup and press the Enter key.


After one or more games have been added, click on the "Check for Updates" button to have PBSetup check for new updates, install PB, and/or repair PB files that may be missing or corrupted.



If he needs more help he can read about it here



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