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Ok a friend of a friend of mine is trying to be setup for hacking on COD uo and the Photoshopped the PBSS So wat happens if This person gets banned for NO reason WHAT SO EVER


Im just asking because this person is really worried and angry about this Accusation


Just asking what will happen



Thanks alot PB

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Photoshopped will not be banned because they are very obvious to spot imo.

I highly doubt that any of the admins here will ban the dude if the SS has been edited or altered in anyway


So anyway the person should not be banned by anyone in this group with a grain of sense unless perfect proof is given.


And we're not Pb either (we're PbBans :D)

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Only original pb screenshots of servers that stream to pbbans are accepted. 'Proof' created with photoshop is easily detected and admins trying to get people banned with faked screenshots will be punished.

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