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Comcast Rep Says Steam Is Malware


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The trouble started when a Comcast customer tried to download a game from Steam and found that, after his download started at a speed of 6Mbps, it would quickly zero out. Stopping and restarting the download didn’t help matters as the same thing would occur again and again. When he explained the situation to the Comcast rep, he was given an utterly baffling answer.


“I would recommend you to make sure the Wi-Fi is secure because it could be a virus trying to get into your computer,” the rep said.


“It’s not a virus because over 50 million people use it,” the customer responded. “It’s a service, it’s almost like Netflix or Amazon.”


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He obviously has not tried to download a game from either Steam or Origin. That speed drop happens all the time. Of course, comcast may have been restricting his bandwidth when it sensed the large download.

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depends on which game.

some download as one file and install.

some, such as payday2, download and patch as they go. gives a start and stop to download speeds.


the giveaway is the disc status icon at top of steam download page, green for idle, red for busy.


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Don't worry the ISP's will be blackmailing valve for money just as they do netflix as soon as they realize how many of their customers use steam, and how much bandwidth it consumes   :crazy:

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