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RO2:RS Armored Assault Pack (11-18-2014)


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And the next update for you: Armored Assault!

We are now providing another free update to RO2/RS. This time, new vehicles, weapons and contest-winning maps!

  • German MG 42 Light Machinegun
  • Soviet T-70 Light Tank
  • German Panzer IIIM Light/Medium Tank
  • Contest Map: Kobura - Americans defending a jungle airstrip in Burma against ferocious Japanese assault
  • Contest Map: Tula Outskirts - a remake of an old favorite from RO1, with Germans attacking dug-in Russians
  • Updated map for new tanks: Arad 2 now updated to showcase the new T-70 and Pz III

We've also simplified the purchasing: from here on, RO2 purchases on Steam will contain the full Rising Storm game. Price has been adjusted so they are all the same now. Should put an end to any confusion over which one to buy...

New Weapon

  • Added MG42 as veteran unlock for the Axis MG class (belt version as default in classic)

New Official Custom Maps

  • Kobura · Japanese attacking US defensive positions through jungle, streams and ruins.
  • TulaOutskirts · A re-make of a classic map from the original Red Orchestra - a tough assault for the Germans through forest against prepared Russian positions.

2 New Tanks

  • Russian T-70 light tank - small, fast 2-man tank with a 45mm cannon, but lightly armored.

  • German Panzer III - smaller version of the Panzer IV, equipped with a 50mm cannon.




  • In T70 you need to go outside of your gun sight to reload as the gunner is the reloader
  • When a tank shell deflects on a tank it now visibly bounces of the tank
  • You can differentiate between a shattered round (a lot of sparks) and a deflected round (simply bouncing off)
  • PzIV no longer puts the player in the unhatched position when he changes to the dead commander's seat
  • Tank commanders can now give movement voice orders to human tank drivers (early implementation, works exactly the same the orders you give to bots)


  • Sd.Kfz. 251 can now hold 8 crewmembers, and 6 passengers in the back
  • Transport drivers no longer start unbuttoned and do not revert to being unbuttoned when they switch back to the driving position

Anti-Tank Rifles

  • Reduced the effectiveness of the anti-tank rounds when they shatter (makes them less effective against high hardness tanks)
  • Reduced the base penetration power of the German PzB AT-Rifle round.
  • Removed PzB from Allied Anti-Tank role as veteran/hero unlock


  • Added "Walk" to controls menu, allowing players to move more quietly in CD & S&D
  • The crouch key will now make you move down in spectator mode (needs to be tested with the toggles)
  • Pressing the jump key when prone or crouched will make you stand


  • You can now set it up that a recently played map cannot be immediately played again

Bugs Fixed

  • Tank selections are no longer disabled on the class selection menu if the player has a battlefield commission
  • Selecting a tank crewman now accounts for locked tanks and only displays available tanks that actually have open slots in them
  • Fixed tank selection bug where the menu wouldn't accurately reflect the selected tank if the first tank type in the list was full
  • When selecting a vehicle crew role, the available tanks now display the total number of available tanks for the chosen role and the number that have already been taken
  • Tank crewman total taken count on role selection menu now shows the correct number of roles taken
  • Fixed tank crewman role showing an incorrect number of available tanks (lower than it should have been)
  • Tanks that are full no longer disable on the role select menu if you're attempting to select a tank that you're already in (allows reselecting same tank for changing locked/unlocked status)
  • Fixed one cause of tank crewmen spawning into locked tanks
  • When you join a tank as a crewmember, already existing tank bots won't be shown on top of the real player anymore
  • Fixed tank crewmen failing to spawn while their tank is still sitting on the spawn point in maps with small numbers of tank spawns
  • Being killed in a tank while sitting on your spawn point in a map with limited vehicle spawns will no longer result in the vehicle's death
  • Fixed issues with seat switching between non-driver seats in tanks
  • You can now see vehicle mesh animations when vehicle crew players use interaction points
  • Fixed tank crew death animations not playing.
  • Tank drivers who are killed while unhatched will now correctly play the death animations for people outside the tank
  • Changing seat while in a tank should no longer make you briefly clip through the tank.
  • Switching to the commander seat in Panzer tanks from a non-driver seat no longer results in the player floating to the unhatched position
  • Fixed a bug that caused certain anti-tank rounds to shatter more often when armor was already damaged
  • Changed the lower side armor on the T-34 to non-high hardness
  • Tank tread sounds now play as expected when in reverse
  • Panzer commanders can no longer turn the tank turret with a mouse click if the gunner is dead
  • Panzer commanders can no longer turn the tank turret with a mouse click if there's a human in the gunner's seat
  • The hatch down animations will now play correctly when a Russian tank player switches out of the commander seat while unhatched
  • Changing seats in a tank to the seat of a dead player will no longer make a dead player appear on top of you as the transition starts
  • Fixed only one tank crewman being able to spawn in your tank if the role is chosen via the Class selection menu (rather than the Squad selection)
  • Fixed reloading of alternate tank ammo not animating the reload icon


  • Fixed Infantry hints showing up in transports
  • Sd.Kfz. 251 looking into the side-viewport no longer lock the view forward if the front hatch is open
  • Exiting a transport while performing a hull MG reload no longer results in the player being unable to prone, crouch, lean or take cover
  • Fixed a button on the UC floating in the air


  • Fixed Time Remaining and Reinforcements Remaining text not being correctly located in Eyefinity mode


  • Fixed some issues with S&D settings in webadmin not working or being inverted
  • Fix for inconsistent/incorrect WebAdmin settings when switching between RS and RO2


  • Myshkova
    • Fixed falling through bridge
  • Hanto
    • Fixed Squadleader 3 showing up as a sniper
  • Maymayev kurgan
    • Destroying the destructable objectives no longer give negative points to the attackers
  • Rakowice:
    • Renamed squad 5 in both teams to 'marksman' as this is the purpose of the squad, and avoids confusion when its activated before previous squad numbers
    • Removed empty tank fireteams for both teams
    • Resolved bug where event messages do not scale or center correctly on low resolution
    • In addition the message is offset to the top so that is is not in front of iron sights anymore for players with low resolution
  • Fallen Fighters:
    • Fixed floating cover
    • Fixed being unable to walk over curb
    • Reworked cover on the trams, removed path blocking volumes around them which were causing cover links to build incorrectly
    • Reworked large building near first allied spawn
    • Blocked off small area player could clip through building .
  • Phosphate Plant:
    • Fixed clipping through ceiling when exiting fixed MG
    • Fixed a few terrain gaps
    • Blocked off damaged train carts with blocking volumes
    • Fixed instance of screen shaking when using a cover node
  • Bridges of Druzhina:
    • Added missing destroyable object icons
    • Adjusted map bounds to more logical positions
    • Blocked off supply boxes with missing collision
  • Coldsteel
    • Recentered the map to address shots missing the further away from origin
  • Arad2_MCP
    • Added changed role loadout only Tank Commander and Squad leader now have a T34/PZIV regular tank commanders have the light tanks T70/PZIII
    • If you hold 3 objectives the 2 closest to your spawn lock down
    • Lowered the water level so you can no longer submerge using your tank
    • Fixed the artillery floating in the sky and not always impacting on the ground
    • Fixed black emitters and smoke on ATI/AMD graphics cards

Known Issues:

  • If you once lock your tank, you can't unlock it unless you rejoin the server
  • PZIII bots do not move forward, and if you use your F-key you do not move forward
  • Brewing currently gives a lot of compressed textures



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New Map

  • Added Demyansk

    After the original attempt to encircle the German forces at Demyansk, German troops managed to hold open a supply corridor and set up a strong defensive line. The German army kept the corridor open in hopes it would it would draw forces away from other parts of the front. Their strong defensive positions made this battle long and costly before the German forces finally pulled out.

Updated Maps
  • Gumrak - Added T-70 and Panzer III tanks to the map.
  • Barashka - Added T-70 and Panzer III tanks to the map.

Bugs Fixed
  • Fallen Fighters - Fixed reported exploit
  • Barracks - Fixed reported exploit

  • Fixed a bug that would allow Russians to spawn with the MG-42 and allow Germans to spawn on them

  • Fixed a bug that would allow users to minimize or turn off weapon bob
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