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This arent hacks. but i need proof from a pro


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Right so me and my mate where playing cod and then we got kicked and banned for a pb ss

The screenshot looks like a wallhack they say but my mate says its some kindda graphic card mess up...

So now i need proof that it is a graphic card mess up or sumthing from a professional becus nobody thinks it is really and got kicked outta my clan!

heres the link: http://hackers.act1vity-gaming.nl/pbss/mixor/pb000060.png


I hope you can get me the proof what it is and i bet u guys know more from pb as my clanleader:P



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So it isnt a hack thanks ima show my ldr this and i hope he freaking unbans me..


Thank you all mates


Could be handy to say if it really isnt a hack or sumthing with mess up but i hope this is enough

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See the 2 ss i attached in the 1st imagine from the pbss where the player model is stood. In the 2nd IF the player model was stood behind the wall he'd be in the ground wich we all know isn't possible. Just an unlucky pbss in your case. No cheat.



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