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blacklisted for no reason? [Admin Decision]


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Hello there,


I recently get the following message from my favorite server BF4i (MYBFI.COM) 24/7 TDM Pearl Market Normal Server


"Game disconnected: you were kicked by PunkBuster. Stated reason: PunkBuster kicked player 'MasakaPete181' (for 10 minutes) ... PBBans.com has blacklisted you from this server for 604800 seconds because your IP or subnet was recently caught cheating." [Admin Decision]"


I'm curios why I should be on some list since i don't have any cheat software on my client at least as far as i know.


I tried to find out more on PBBans.com today but I wasn't able to find my GUID on any of the lists provided.


I would be glad to get some help on this, my GUID is: 7396e85c


Thank you!




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It's because that server has a Level 2 IP restriction enabled.


IP Restriction applies to banned players in that it will also temporary ban their IP for the time defined below.

Please note that:
- This is not fully reliable ( due to hub's asynchronous nature )
- It may kick innocent player


Level 1 (ex
Level 2 (ex 69.21.47.*)
Level 3 (ex 69.21.*.*)


The ban it's kicking you for is




You never cheated but Level 2 in this case kicks anyone whose IP starts with 37.201.224. for up to 7 days after the ban was made.

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