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COD4 support (mac)


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Hello all,
I understand that PunkBuster stopped support for Call of Duty 4 a while ago, but just today I've had some issues on the game from getting kicked. I get the error "you need PB version a1407 c2.318" then it brings me back to the title screen. Is this a problem that others have encountered? Is there a manual PunkBuster update that I never received? It may have something to do with the fact that nothing was in my PB folder under the game files. If that is the issue, please tell me where to get the latest PB build.


Im on a mac, yes its not built for gaming, but it works. It is only on certain servers that the punk buster issues becomes a problem, but I would rather not buy a PC copy of the game for another $20. Can someone please link a download or send me their up-to-date PB folder? Mac only please.


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