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CS:GO Pros Busted


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Top Counter-Strike Players Caught In Big Cheating Scandal
Nathan Grayson


To say that all is not well in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's pro scene would be a massive understatement. Multiple pros have been caught cheating by Valve's official anti-cheat software, and even more are suspected.

It all started when a semi-pro German player named Simon "smn" Beck got banned by the E-Sports Entertainment Association's tools. Given that he'd clearly slipped past Valve's own anti-scoundrel digi-wall, this got the Counter-Strike (and Half-Life and Team Fortress and DOTA 2 and Steam) maker curious. Valve reached out and, with the information they acquired from the ESEA, upgraded their own anti-cheat detection system.

And then, suddenly, people started getting caught with a very new type of red on their hands. Not blood. Oh no, by Counter-Strike standards, this was much worse. Third-party tools that assist players with aim. In some cases, they can help with very difficult shots.

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