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Had this guy in my squad in a match on Metro, didn't really think much of him until I looked at the battle report and his stats overall. 




After looking further into his alias I found this: http://www.pbbans.com/mbi-viewban-a797198d-vb373540.html


Looked up on PBscreens and these stood out, and I'm not sure what these show.






Note: For some reason I'm not allowed to upload attachments or insert images, is this because of the recent events in the past couple months?


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The server in that battlereport you and that player were on does not stream to PBBans so thats why that player can play on it.


The PBSS screenshots are clean, all they show is what you see when you hit tab to look at the scoreboard which looks like that when their is bugga all players in a server, a PBSS only captures a certain area of a players screen so by hitting tab at the time of the PBSS that is the end result you see in the PBSS.

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