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  1. -Slayer-

    Microsoft Acquires Github

    . . R.I.P Github. . Microsoft likes closing down sites just so they can push their own programming, though this could be different, time will tell.
  2. -Slayer-

    Battlefield 5

    . . Yep, I'm nostalgic about returning to properly controlled dedicated servers, an anti cheat that works to find more than just raging players, the endangered species and mostly extinct that were known as communities/clans that drove the franchise all these years...... just saying. :P
  3. -Slayer-

    Microsoft Wants To Buy Valve, EA and PUBG Corp.

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! They could maybe fix EA by buying them but hands off Valve, it works don't mess with it.
  4. -Slayer-

    Australian Court: Valve Must Pay $3 Million Fine

    . . https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Holland_(Australia) . :P
  5. -Slayer-

    Australian Court: Valve Must Pay $3 Million Fine

    Yep, don't mess with us Aussies. :P
  6. -Slayer-

    Bridge Constructor: Portal

    Hmm interesting, really liked the last Portal games.
  7. -Slayer-

    PBSS Scanner

    . In the above posts you will see the one who created it. Singh400 . You need to be a streaming admin to get the info to login and use it see this link, which is also in his sig above post .#251. . .
  8. -Slayer-

    MS Xbox OneS BF1 Bundle

    The Xbox works fine cool, It's good when you get a free Xbox with the game. :P
  9. -Slayer-

    Reaktiviere mein Konto

    Welcome back. No the ticket is quicker, going to lock this and leave it to the ticket. Willkommen zurück. Nein das Ticket ist schneller, gehen zu sperren und lassen Sie es auf das Ticket.
  10. -Slayer-

    Sonic 2 HD

    Awesome, looks great, nice to see an old game redone for the ones who liked it the best.
  11. -Slayer-

    CCleaner Has Malware

    Yep same been using it since whenever it's been that long, awesome program, the version that was messed with didn't last long all my programs went off and nuked it, the version 5.35.6210 (64-bit) is fine.
  12. I'd even switch from Intel for this it's impressive compared to new Intels which are locking you into using certain hardware for full performance power on an Intel CPU.
  13. -Slayer-

    Valve Bans 40,000 Accounts After Summer Sale

    Wow, I guess a lot of players will be doing this, and this.
  14. -Slayer-

    ty DHGreeny for bringing this to my attention

    Snuffed mags flame before he could use his boosted 666 evil powers for good, oh well, back to basic Mr. Sunshine version now.
  15. -Slayer-

    Rocket League

    Helps having a car with a flat front to push the ball to I guess.

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