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Planetary Alignment Will Decrease Gravity Jan 4th


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But, if you jump in the air at 9:47am PST, or 12:47pm EST, on January 4, 2015, it should take you about 3 seconds to land back on your feet, instead of the usual 0.2 seconds.

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If some of my friends jump at the same time, we won't have to worry about gravity, we will have to worry about earthquakes. :D


BTW, where do you find this stuff?

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red.gifFALSE content-divider.gif
Example:   [Collected on the Internet, March 2014]

I read an article on Facebook that said a planetary alignment on January 4th 2015 will cause everyone on earth to experience a slight weightlessness. Supposedly, instead of 0.2 seconds to land after jumping off the ground it will take closer to 3 seconds to come back down! Is this true?

Origins:   As we mentioned in a round-up of classic April Fool's Day pranks which was written nearly ten years ago, one of the more notable japes to occur on that occasion took place in 1976, when British astronomer   Patrick Moore informed a radio audience that the movement of two planets would result in an upward gravitational pull which would make people on Earth lighter at precisely 9:47 a.m. that day. He invited his audience to jump in the air and experience "a strange floating sensation," and within minutes dozens of listeners had reportedly phoned in to say the experiment had worked!

Classic jokes never go away, and so even though Patrick Moore passed away in December 2012, his leg-pull from the mid-1970s was recycled (outside its obvious April Fool's Day context) in an article claiming that very same event, caused by the very same phenomenon, would take place at the very same time of day — only this time on January 4 (a date which coincided with Earth's closest approach to the sun for the year) rather than April 1:
Read more at http://www.snopes.com/humor/iftrue/zerogday.asp#6TaFqGfpVQrLXJiw.99
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