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PBss ?


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Like i said over at xfire, its just a problem between PB and some hardware/driver issue


The writing on the right hand side is the fireteam overlay...the yellow writing is saying "Bank something" and it appears larger because it distorts it somehow.


Here are some screenshots of my teammate...also have others of some random pubbers on my server too.


All of the same person...90% his screenie comes out TV lines black and white...cmon whats the advantage to that ?



Posted Image


Posted Image


Posted Image


1st image is clear...only happens about ...lets say 1 in 10 screenshots


Oh and here is a Forum topic on my teammate



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cheers mate didnt realise was u on there :) ive had some well dodgy looking things from guys with crappy pc's before.

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With the first ss posted by Bull, its the common AA bug(antialiasing) if you take them ss and pass them tru photoshop or even the common winxp app, try to 'delace or deinterlace' the ss, it will give you 2 clean ss and then you can see if they are clean.


For the Black and white, last time i checked,they were related to vid driver/option bug aswell.

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