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Kick / Ban


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hello I see this problem when trying to enter one of the servers which is BanZore

BanZore.com HC Conquest All Maps and this did not happen in other servers and talk to the manager banzore and it tell me that they have banned me then because I throw this problem PunkBuster can help me solve this problem thank you very much

The game was disconnected : PunkBuster kicked you out . Reason: PunkBuster permanent ban issued on This Game Server for player ' Panthro-iquique ' ... Prior Kick / Ban

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a Quick check of your alias, shows you are not banned by PBBans or evenbalance

[if this is indeed you}  http://www.pbbans.com/mpi/mpi-guid-search-6ac4ed28-44.html&showLG=yes&showAT=yes&safeview=yes, altho you havent been seen on a streaming server since Nov 13.

So id say you are locally banned by that server admin, youll need to take it up with them

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