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Ok.. we are kind of Novice.

So, if we have understand this correct...


If you HUB-streaming, you dont have to load a BAN-list yourself in the Server PB folder.

The streaming sets it´s own BAN-list and updates it...


Do we get it?


And also.. Do we have to have this PB CVARS at all:



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After your server is added to hub, update manually pbbans.dat and set pb_sv_AutoUpdBan to 1. PB_SV_BanLoad is a command and not a cvar. PB_SV_KickLen specifies how long is player kicked for PB violation temporary banned.

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We dont have a "pbbans.dat" in the Server PB, only "pbns.dat" and "pbsv.dat".


So we create a "pbbans.dat" and copy the PBBans generated BAN-list in to it...correct, or?

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