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Hey there


I have just installed Wolfenstein ET, and have updated punkbuster, but I still have a big problem.


Whenever I join a PB server it kicks me for 2-15 mins on cdkey empty, no GUID.


How do I resolve this, I haven't played this game in ages, could it be the fact that I also have cod2 on teh system?



help is much appreciated



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does anyone have a clue what I'm on about here?

I downloaded Enemy Territory and do not have a CD or CDKey ... why do I sometimes see messages about a CDKey?


When playing Enemy Territory over the Internet on PunkBuster enabled servers, PunkBuster will automatically generate a CDKey for you. Most problems with CDKeys in Enemy Territory are caused by copying the game from one computer to another instead of installing from scratch. You can press the tilde key (the ~ key) to bring down the console inside the game and enter the command "/pb_myguid" (without the quotes) and PunkBuster will display your CDKey and the PunkBuster GUID which is used to identify players. Problems or error messages regarding the CDKey in Enemy Territory are best handled by follow this link to create a new trouble ticket www.evenbalance.com


however try going into the etmain folder find the file called key and delete. Open ET and try to connect to a server and it should give you a new 1.

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