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hi there.

this is the right folder (i think) ;)


btw ive dissable the webtool and ss part because i already have them running for now with the aci scrips we have runng, i hope that has nothing to do with it


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yes i can do that, but i think the pbsvuser.cfg thats there is just named different , because thats where we have aci scrips running and where ive already put your file into. what i'll do is temp delet that one and just set yours up in the new file

thanks buff i'll let you know tomorrow when i do it how its going.

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ok so i did all that and the result was the same, not showing as streaming, so i changed it all back and used the  Automated Streaming Setup,

in the drop down menu there's no aapg game showing so i used the pb web interface (universal ) and it looked like it worked but its still not showing streaming 

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