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My name is Frank aka Powerbits , clanleader now for  10 years with the PBS GAMETEAM , www.pbsgameteam.com


Not sure if this is the right place to post, but there arent many places i can for the moment?


We have a new recruit member called PT_Profaci who we discovered has a PBBAN , see also:




and the PBBANS data is:


<PBBans.com> Player PT_Profaci (715b656a) banned for AIMBOT (59127)


My question to PBBANS is , can you please check if this is valid as he claims its not and done some appeals against it...


Second, wat are the consequenses for us as a clan... is PBBANS  requesting us to remove this player?

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I see the player has appealed and it was denied.


Evenbalance are the creators of punkbuster, the software which scans your game files while you are playing.  PBBans enforces Evenbalance violations as bans. The violation was raised by them, the ban is issued by us.

I've looked at the appeal PT_Profaci raised with Evenbalance and they've given their standard response when they feel the violation is legitimate.  I would however, advise PT_Profaci strongly to provide them with a list of ANY processes which may have been running in the background when the violation was raised.

Also be aware that violations are not raised on a singular trigger.  Evenbalance often runs silent detections before the actual violation is issued.  So it's fair to say whatever caused the violation to be raised, was being run on several occasions.  Did PT_Profaci download something recently?  Something which may have been running in the background. Innocuous or not, it is worth relating that to Evenbalance.
To sum it up.

08/06/2015 13:37:26 - "Alex J"     
    Note #4: We do not find this violation to be triggered in error, and it will not be removed. It is at the discretion of the third-party ban list administrator to remove any ban given as a result of this violation.

Our discretion is to never remove a valid violation.
If Even Balance staff say that the cheat violation was triggered in error, the issued ban will be removed from our systems immediately.
If Even Balance staff say the cheat violation was not triggered in error, the issued ban will remain on our systems

Try what I suggested in the start of my post in bold and go from their it's all I can suggest, sorry.


For your second question.

Yes there are consequences if your Clan/Group stream here at PBBans, we have a ZERO tolerance to Clans/Groups Harbouring Cheaters.

PBBans Policy: Regarding Harbouring Cheaters

HARBOURING CHEATERS: If a member of your clan is on the MBI (specifically the PBBans MBI - we do not chase up clans for taking on members banned by other organisations), for any game - then you are harbouring a cheater. It does not matter when or where that person was caught. It does not matter if the game is no longer played, or if the ban was 5 years ago.

All Streaming Game Admins are expected to take all reasonable measures (GUID/IP searches on the MPI/MBI before recruitment) to prevent cheaters from being in your clan or organization. If it is found that a cheater is in your organization the following steps will be taken:..................

To sum it up if you have a player in your Clan/Group and also stream to PBBans then kick them to the curb.


I hope that helps you decide your course of action.




edit: I see you have submitted an application to stream here at PBBans, until you cut all ties with the player with the MBi you will not be able to stream an account here.

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