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Team is Active but not streaming


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I am new to all of this and my clan buddies who have used PBB in the past will not help me as they say its good for me to learn on my own :lol:


Well I need to get help somewhere so I would appreciate it if you guys could pitch in some advice? Basically, I have registered our server to PBB and it says it is active but it is not streaming. I am trying to do what it says when it says to use the Automated Streaming Setup, but i cant find a link to download the tool? What am I doing wrong?




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you do not download the tool


it runs in your browser


  1. Visit our Automated Streaming Setup page. You will need Java installed.
  2. Enter your server IP, RCON Port and RCON password in the correct boxes. 1
  3. Press Perform Setup and wait for it to complete. It will say [MSG] No error occurred during setup. Server should be ready to stream if completed correctly
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Thanks for the quick reply, Sunshine! Unfortunately that page does not give me the boxes to put in my info. It just tells me about the automated streaming setup and how to add the exception to java

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your browser does not have java enabled. try google chrome or do this:


    OK here's my suggestion, copy and paste the contents of the box here: https://www.pbbans.com/mci-view-bf4-pbsv-44.html into your pbsv.cfg file on your server.

    Then open procon and issue the following commands in the pb tab:

    pb_sv_writecfg pbucon.use


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Awesome! The manual way worked for me  :)  Thank you so much. I was told to also acquire the MD5 tool. I have followed the instructions from the PBBans CVAR & MD5 install guide but when it tells me to go to https://www.pbbans.com/mci.php and click on "overview" for battlefield 4, I cant see the download both button that i'm looking for in the next step. Do I have to be a streaming admin in order to see this feature? 

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