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I don't know about the rest of you but I am sick of hackers and cheaters that constantly stay ahead of the curve by finding the newest cheats out there. Why? What enjoyment do they get from it? A few people trolling around the server circuits ruins the day for the rest of us.


Another thing I am sick of is the rampant profanity on the servers, especially by children. I know it is very hard to police the server at all times, but isn't there something PBBans can do to disallow certain words from being allowed suring play? Other software packages have them and the words come out as **censored**.


As if this weren't enough there are some servers that promote profanity. I know its their server but shouldn't there be some place that we all can contribute to give a head's up about these servers?


Like I said I am just griping. If no one else feels the same, that's okay. Just wondering if I am alone here.





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I know what you mean but if you respect ppl then ppl will learn from you and do the same.

Thats the most importent thing to do "respect eatch other".I dont belive in censoring words

thats wont stop anything

i belive in teatching the young how to behave when you play online games and belive me if you treat them with respect and act fair they will start doing the same


Just a tip from me :)

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I know there is a way to auto kick people that swear by making a .cfg and add certain lines to it..But I dont remember how. I have never used it though, but I found the "how to" in a cod forum somewhere..

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