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petition about Venezuelan government in UK


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a friend in Venezuela asked me to share this


UK Government and Parliament

Petition Denounce the Venezuelan government's violent suppression of protests in Caracas



Venezuelan Government, led by Pres. Nicolas Maduro has enacted a policy of violence and fear to suppress recent protests. He has been on live television condemning the opposition for "inciting violence" while saying his security forces and supporters will "defend the revolution even with blood"

More details

There are widely recorded videos from news outlets and social media showing:
- Excessive use of force on unarmed protesters, such as Police and National guard ganging up on individual protesters and kicking them on the ground.
- The use of tear gas out of date since 2015 regardless of high health risks. some reports of people dying of asphyxiation.
- tear gas fired from helicopters with no regard to safety of protesters.
- tear gas fired into a health centre, affecting at least one small child.



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