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BF1, Titanfall 2 and The Sims 4 Free On Origin Access


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Update: Well would you look at this. Not content to throw two of the best recent shooters onto their service, EA are also adding The Sims 4 to the Origin Access Vault.


When you've had a long day of wall-running and hiding in trenches, sometimes you just need something a bit more sedate. The Sims 4 will provide, letting you create your ideal family and forcing you to tell them when to go to the toilet. If you fancy a spot of interior design, it'll scratch that itch too.


The Sims 4 will be joining the excellent service on July 11. There's no date for Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2 just yet. 


Update: It turns out that Titanfall 2 is also heading to the Origin Access Vault.


If you missed it, Titanfall 2's campaign is just incredible, full of variety and clever ideas, while its multiplayer is frantic, snappy, and stompy. It's worth the price of a sub on its own, to be completely honest. 

Origin Access Members, get excited for @Battlefield 1 and @Titanfall 2 — coming soon to Origin Access. https://t.co/DeoCYKpHK9 pic.twitter.com/VKxyWyvo0Y

— Origin (@OriginInsider) July 7, 2017

Original: EA’s Origin Access vault is getting better and better. The next game to be added to the $4.99 per month (or $29.99 per year) service is Battlefield 1, Dice’s excellent period shooter.


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