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I have a team that I play against quite often. They went from being really really bad to very very good.

The thing is that everytime we change maps they disconnect and reconnect to the server for the next map. (same server)


This looks really suspicious. It seems wierd that 2 or 3 guys do this for each map. Does anyone have any info about this or am i just assuming that pc's dont need to reconnect like this?

I really dont want to assume the worst but this happens with only 1 team and really is odd behavior.


I am assuming the worst cause we busted one of them previously.


I could almost understand if they had crappy pc's and needed to free up resources but these guys also brag about their 7900gtx's and dual core processors.....

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Thats strange.

Nothing on the pbss?

You should set your server to stream to us and that way get acces to all the latest checks we have for cod2

I am very new at this kinda thing. I will search all the channels later to see how to get my server streaming. I think I want to get this server streaming to you guys ASAP.




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