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Time to fix Punkbuster.


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Game disconnected: you were kicked by PunkBuster. Stated reason: PunkBuster permanent ban issued on this Game Server for player 'HH_LaVey_HH' ... GLOBAL PunkBuster GUID BAN c3fe276f


The supplied GUID has been associated with hacking or interfering with the normal operation of our PunkBuster software and has therefore been compromised resulting in a global ban from PunkBuster enabled game servers. We have no way of knowing who was actually playing with this GUID at the time the violation was triggered. We also have no way to know if the violation was triggered on your specific computer. Our system does not collect personal information and furthermore we have no way to attach a cheat/hack violation to a specific person. This ban will not be lifted as then the person who did trigger the violation would again be able to join PunkBuster Servers using this GUID. 

To be clear: we are not saying that you cheated as we have no way to know who triggered the violation. If it is certain that no one playing on your computer ever had a cheat/hack violation triggered by PunkBuster, then your GUID (cdkey and/or game account password) has been stolen by or leaked to someone who has used it on a different computer to trigger the violation. We do not have the means to help you find out who is responsible for compromising your GUID.


This is bullshit. Time to fix your Punkbuster software. I am a legit player. I never had a cheat program. You have problems with Punkbuster or you deliberately ban players to force them to buy the game again. You have such a silent agreement with EA.
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I think an FYI is needed. PB does NOT stand for pbbans... PB stands for Punkbuster. They are 2 different entities and this is pbbans, NOT Punkbuster.

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To be clear, Evenbalance the makers of the punkbuster software have detected something (we do not know what) that triggered a violation of the terms you agreed to to play the game. PBBans, may or may not be hold said violation (if you joined a streaming server they will have it listed), thus displaying the above message.


Now just like any software there are bugs, glitches and even wrong doings, PB has in the past found false violations withing there software and corrected it. However you are talking about a game that is riddled with hackers, and older version and not as popular as it once was. You need to take your issue up with EB and be nice about it.


Here are some helpful things to look at (yes one of the link takes you to another AntiCheat site) still good advice.


evenBalance Ticket: make sure to open a ticket at http://www.evenbalance.com/index.php?page=support.php

also please read this http://board.ggc-stream.net/index.php/Thread/8525-Warning-NEVER-download-or-test-cheats/

if you need your GUID use this link http://board.ggc-stream.net/index.php/Thread/15524-HowTo-What-is-my-PB-GUID/

you must be patient all staff members are volunteers.

It does not matter that your account was hacked/barrowed/sold/or misused. Account security is the account owner's responsibility. We(ggc, ACI, or pbbans.com) do not ban the player, we ban the account once it has been compromised.

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