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Reporting not working?


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First of all hi.


There's a user who I reported a while ago, who is still playing and appears to have used many aliases with only slight adjustments to username.  Apart from the obvious aimbot feel, he has achieved 282:2 K:D in 30 minutes, with 93 headshot ribbons and his battle report only shows 2 kills by MBT LAW (his best weapon) and 0 kills by vehicle.  A while back someone with either the same username or similar killed me with an ammo box.  Furthermore, he seems to play on ranked servers, which are supposedly better policed.  I have reported him, as have others but he is still on the loose and I feel the system isn't working.



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we have no faculty for that. nor does Even Balance the developers of PunkBuster.


maybe you are thinking of EA?  they pretty much ignore the reports as far as i can tell.


we only act on evidence streamed from servers that use PBBans|Hub.


if you would like to share something further, try https://www.pbbans.com/forums/index.php?app=tickets


we will discuss things with you in private

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