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stopped streaming for testing help


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We had some issues on the server so we stopped streaming pbbans to test, now when i read the logs i found this line in the logs


2018.04.07-07.53.49 [3221.19] Log: PunkBuster Server: PB UCON Packet ignored "pbbhub3-1"@ []


What does this mean? i still have some pbbans code on the server?


How do i fixxe this


thank you



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ok, you had disabled streaming in the AccCP


second time


you may want to limit what you do in control panel


server still not streaming please check if cfg was changed


when you get it running make a copy of the cfg and make a folder on the server to hold it for future issues

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Thank you for feedback, i will do complete reinstall 2morrow of the server with no streaming at all, then check step by step, we had issues and complaints about alot of lagging and warping over the server, so when reinstall is done we check how it runs with no streaming yet, i will let you know


i dont know if this site is doing it but i like to get the streaming off completely, and not automate stream again please, or be set on again, we want to first checking out our stuff first

After reinstall we dont want a streaming somewhere reading in the log files, let us first check how it runs, we discover problems and need to fix it first


thank you for your help



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