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Global IP Ban?


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So I get a global IP ban for having a name that isn't kosher but allowed in America's Army. Name was DudeWhere'sMyCuc1K. So instant bans for funny names. Even without warning. Wow. Punkbuster is now political correct police I guess. If I was hacking or being a jerk in game then I understand but for a name, I got a global ban?

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You have a confirmed Global Guid Ban issued by PunkBuster, (Even Balance), on your AAPG account on 08.23.2018 as follows: 

[08.23.2018 07:30:24] |111803| Kick/Ban Command Issued (GLOBAL PunkBuster GUID BAN 47247226) for (slot#1) 00000000000000076561198847247226 DudeWhereIsLife


If there saying I'm getting banned for having hacks I for sure will call bullshit. I know what I have on my computer and I even checked on processes. Nothing suspicious . These were the same programs I had on in the hijacksthis text file. Please give full details of ban. Thank You. 

hijackthis 2332.txt

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sent a hijackthis text documents and other adjustments
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Remember we are not affiliated with Even Balance, the creators of the Punkbuster software, in any way.

We (PBBans) are a 3rd party anticheat site that allows server admins to stream their servers to us for added server protection.

If you are having issues with a PB Global Ban, then open an EB trouble ticket here: https://www.evenbalance.com/troubleticket/new_ticket.php

Also make sure to read this: https://www.pbbans.com/global-punkbuster-ban.html

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